In today’s economy many baby boomers and their predecessors are finding themselves on Medicare trying to wade through the sea of options they have for Medicare supplements and advantage plans. It’s hard often times when people are bombarded by mail and telephone by various carriers with information and benefits to know for certain what is best.

Questions we help people answer include:

  • Are you getting a plan where your doctor and hospital of choice is in-network?
  • How do you know which plan is the best plan available for you in your zip code?
  • Are you on the plan that is the most price competitive so that you are not over-paying?
  • If I come off my employer group coverage will my pre-existing conditions be covered?
  • Can I be denied coverage and how much should I pay for my Part D prescription plan?

These are some of the questions we help clients answer. We strive to educate clients on the basics of Medicare and what is and is NOT covered by their plan so they do not have any network or claims surprises. Once again, since we are independent, if clients have a favorite carrier or company they really trust, we can help them get on that carrier if they choose. We’ve found that Medicare is one of the most underserviced areas of insurance. Typically, when we review clients who have had Medicare coverage in place for over two years or more, we are able to help them improve their coverage or costs for this insurance by roughly 70%.

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